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Cagatay Civici has posted an example of how to quickly create a JSF slider component, built off of the scriptaculous slider widget. I like this for a few reasons:
1. It shows off an excellent use of the composition component functionality available in Facelets.
2. It shows how easy it is to create cool components using JSF […]


The very cool Ajax4jsf project now has some excellent integration with the Google Web Toolkit, and Sergery Smirnov has written a tutorial showing how to use the two libraries together. He also states:
“The mission of the G4jsf subproject is to shift the perception of the relationship between GWT and JSF from viewing them as competitive […]

JSF has excellent i18n support, but sometimes the resource bundle approach won’t quite work. What if you need to be able to update content without re-deploying your app? In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to easily implement something similar that uses a database. I’m actually in the process of writing a more advanced […]

JSF Back Button woes - Solution

In many cases when using JSF, you’ll notice that the back button does not behave as expected. This is due to the fact that the state is saved on the server, and when you use the back button, the server still thinks you are on a different page. Adding the following will save the state […]

JSF Spring Integration

JSF and Spring are two excellent tools for J2EE development. Getting them to work together, however, can be a bit of fun. A cool library for integrating the two has been made available, however, and makes this task a fairly trivial one.
Simply download it here: JSF Spring Library.
Then in your web.xml, add the following:
[code lang=”java”]






Now […]

Tiles + JSF issues

A lot of people (including myself) have run into some minor issues integrating Struts and JSF. The biggest issue is when you mix JSF tags and plain old HTML. Your JSF tags get rendered before everything else, which, needless to say, is not a terribly good thing. The good news is, this is fairly easy […]