Ed Burns has posted a draft of the JSF 2.0 JSR. I won’t re-hash the feature list here, but I do have a few observations.

First, I really like the features being proposed, and think they will go a long way in making JSF more useful and more popular. Some people have criticized the new features as being merely a bunch of good features taken from other projects - I think this is a good way to create a spec. It should also be noted that many projects it is borrowing ideas from integrate JSF (Seam), extend JSF functionality (Facelets) or are already JSF component libraries (Ajax4JSF).
Second, I think there are a few important (or at least interesting) things that aren’t on the list:

- I kind of like the EL changes that are part of Seam, specifically being able to pass in parameters. It isn’t that hard to use a bit of a hack (ie, implementing the Map interface on an object and using that) to do this same thing in a few cases, but I’d rather see a standard and supported way to do it.

- This may be too fine of a detail, but I really wish the radio button component was a little more flexible. For example, allowing it to be used without constraining the layout, allowing it to be used easily in tables, and allowing arbitrary placement of grouped buttons on a page. I’ve created custom components to deal with this, but it would be nice to see it be a part of the spec.

At any rate, I’ve loved working with JSF over the past several years and can’t wait to see how 2.0 pans out.