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Cagatay Civici has posted an example of how to quickly create a JSF slider component, built off of the scriptaculous slider widget. I like this for a few reasons:
1. It shows off an excellent use of the composition component functionality available in Facelets.
2. It shows how easy it is to create cool components using JSF […]

5 JSF Myths

I’ve spent a lot of time developing web applications in JavaServer Faces (JSF). Based on interactions with other Java developers (both in person and via the internet), I’ve come to realize there are a lot of misconceptions regarding JSF, and have attempted to address a few of them here.
1. You need to create a ton […]

Can JBoss and Exadel read minds?

It was just last night that I posted about wanting better IDE support for JSF applications. This morning, Exadel and JBoss announced a new partnership that will open-source Exadel’s Eclipse tools and add much more support for JSF, Seam, EJB3 and more. The new tool will be called “Red Hat Developer Studio” (Red Hat is […]

JSF IDE support

I’ve been using JSF and JPA/Hibernate for several years now, and really like these technologies, despite a few pain points involved in using them. Seam has solved most of them, except for one big one: IDE Support.
I’m not necessarily interested in GUI layout or drag-and-drop support for JSF, but I’m really interested in two things:
1) […]