JBoss Seam is, at least in my opinion, one of the most exciting web frameworks in the last several years. I’ve been keeping an eye on some interesting new features that are coming to it shortly, and here is a quick summary:

1) Spring Integration

Seam is based on EJB3, which is seen by many as a replacement for Spring. Many of us would benefit greatly from Spring integration, however, especially if we want to use Seam in current projects that are based on Spring. A colleague of mine, Mike Youngstrom, has contributed some excellent code for doing this, which is in Seam 1.1.7.

It accomplishes the following goals Gavin set forth:

(1) injection of Seam components into Spring beans, using beans.xml
(2) injection of Spring beans into Seam components using @In
(3) access to Spring beans via EL
(4) use of Seam-managed PC from Spring DAOs

More information

2) GWT Integration

Rob Jellinghaus is working on integrating GWT with Seam (forum post). Seam already has very good Ajax4JSF support, and Seam makes using it much, much easier. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of cool stuff you can do with GWT and Seam.